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Cute redhead girl with broad and perfect smile!!!

Tuesday May 03, 2011 at 11:35 pm

isaw the cutest girl on the subway back in Sept 2005... yep, i know it's been a long time, but i just need to share this, cause i still think of her whether i'm seeing someone or not.
Back then, i was a 17-year old guy who went to Boston for year from a South American country. Anyways, the Sunday before i met the American Girl of my dreams, i dreamt -and i believed- i'd find her on a Friday night. So i anxiously waited until it was Friday, and when that day finally came, i KNEW and i FELT something was going to happen!!!
That Friday night i dressed up well and looked amazing! Anyway, i left my dorm, and just went to Copley to find "the" girl. After walking for about more than an hour, i just got tired and lost hope, so i decided to take the T in COPLEY SQ and go back to Cambridge.
When i got on the train, i was all the time looking at the ground, cursing and insulting myself for believing in "stupid things". After two minutes of staring at the ground, i looked up and i saw a girl staring right at me, with no expression in her face. She standing about 4meters (13 feet) and was very cute, with red hair, rosy cheeks and thin body. When she noticed that i was looking at her, she sorta got really excited, giggled something to her girlfriends, and then LOOKED BACK AT ME WITH A HUGE SMILE ON HER FACE!!!!! i was SHOCKED!!! i started sweating and i didn't know what the fuck to say to her. My mind was blanked!! i looked back at her, and she was still staring at me with an even broader smile!! i freaked out!!! SHE KEPT SMILING AT ME, and i kept paralyzed and throwing away that great chance. After a few minutes, the girl stopped smiling, looked at me with a sad expression on her face, and got off the freaking train. At that time, i just wanted to kill myself!!
To my surprise, a week later after this incident, James Blunt released the song "You're Beautiful" in the US. "It happened to me and to James Blunt", is what was on my mind for a long time.
Back in 2006 i came back to my country, and since then, although i've had girlfriends, i still miss that cute-smiley American redhead girl... i know it's almost impossible to see her again, but guys, when you get a chance like this one, DON'T THROW IT AWAY PLEASE!!! YOU'LL REGRET IT!! i wish i could go back and undo this, but that's impossible.

By the way, sorry for my English. Is not that good.

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